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Future Windows Phone speech recognition revealed in leaked video

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Windows Phone speech recognition
Windows Phone speech recognition

Microsoft has had speech recognition in Windows Phone since it first debuted, but it looks like the company is preparing a fairly significant upgrade. In a leaked video from Microsoft's TechFest earlier this month, the research team demonstrates speech recognition speed and accuracy improvements, and a new "streaming mode" that can be enabled to allow Windows Phone users to search while they speak.

It looks similar to Android's latest implementation, but Bing's method goes one step further by adding the ability to produce inline search results while you're still talking. Microsoft doesn't offer up any promises on when this will be delivered, and it could still be a research project, but the company is preparing a Windows Phone Blue update for later this year. Considering Windows Blue will include Bing search enhancements, and the company is pushing it further into all of its products, it's safe to say we'll likely see this technology in some form or another in Windows Phone in the future.