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Renewable energy now powers 75 percent of Apple's facilities

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apple solar farm (from apple website)
apple solar farm (from apple website)

Apple's data centers and many of its corporate offices — including the company's Cupertino headquarters — are now operating on 100 percent renewable energy from sources such as solar and wind power, the manufacturer reported today. The progress brings Apple's total reliance on renewable power sources to 75 percent, up from 35 percent three years ago. The environmental report follows a year of growing complaints over Apple's environmental practices, which led to the company allowing factory inspections by the Chinese Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, as well as reversing a decision to remove its products from the EPEAT green certification program.

The company has stated its aim to eventually rely entirely on renewable energy sources for its power. Though Apple has moved steadily toward that goal recently, no timeline has been given for when that will be accomplished. However it continues to invest heavily in renewable energy: last year, the company completed construction on a 100-acre solar farm, and it intends to double production capacity when a new facility is ready later in 2013. Additionally, two future data centers, one of which is already under construction, are being designed to operate entirely on renewable energy sources.