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There will be cake: join us at 8PM ET to celebrate Vergecraft's first year with an in-game dance party!

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club void vergecraft
club void vergecraft

In the beginning of Vergecraft, The Verge's own Minecraft server, we lived the simple life. Newbies built farms and fences to protect from the fresh, untamed wilderness. Iron was more precious than gold. And Paul Miller was still on the internet.

Times have changed, and we're all grown up now: from sprawling cities, to hidden temples, to an oceanic Mega-Pyramid inspired by a crazy Japanese architectural concept, the players of Vergecraft have collectively put in thousands of hours of play time to build a digital civilization. Now, it's time to party. At 8PM ET today we're going to have a birthday party in Vergecraft's super exclusive nightclub, Club Void. As we did on the first day, we'll be blasting tunes from an alternate universe in The Verge's room. New and old players are welcome to join.


Here's what you need to join us:

  1. A paid registration of Minecraft.
  2. The most recent copy of the game (version 1.5.1).
  3. Whitelist approval (you can request access to the server here).

Once you're up and running, open Minecraft, log-in to your account, and add The Verge's server in the multiplayer section.

Vergecraft server info:

Oh, and if you're looking around for our room:

We'll be giving out in-game prizes like armor, diamonds, enchantments, and, of course, lots of cake. See you there!