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Elop throws an iPhone on Finnish TV, refuses to answer Lumia 928 questions

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Stephen Elop Nokia CEO stock
Stephen Elop Nokia CEO stock

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop faced some tough questions from a Finnish TV presenter this week, focusing on the upcoming Lumia 928 handset. In a show aired on commercial TV station MTV3 in Finland, Elop is repeatedly questioned about when the company plans to introduce its Lumia 928 Verizon flagship handset. Elop claims he doesn't know what the Lumia 928 is because the company hasn't announced it, before trying to divert the questioning to the recently launched Lumia 620.

The presenter is equally persistent, and decides to show he has an iPhone. "Oh, how embarrassing," jokes Elop, while the presenter explains he doesn't want an iPhone, he wants a Nokia phone. "I'll take care of that," says Elop, before launching the phone onto a floor with a reassuring thud. The iPhone never returns onscreen, so its fate is unknown, but Elop promises to replace it with a Nokia so not all is lost.