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Disneyland surveys visitors about potential 'Star Wars' theme park expansion

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Star Wars
Star Wars

Disney obviously rakes in plenty of profit from its movies, but the company also collects a fortune from merchandising and its fabled theme parks. Now that it lays claim to the entire Star Wars franchise, there's little doubt Disney will leverage the brand both in and out of the theater. In fact, it's already gauging interest for a potential Star Wars attraction at Disneyland. A new survey being distributed to some of Disney's most dedicated park visitors — those who hold an Annual Pass — asks participants to rate their familiarity with the Star Wars universe. That includes characters, places, and story arcs across feature films, books, and video games. Disney is even getting a bit granular, with one question asking "what is the name of the microscopic life-forms that dwell within all living beings in the Star Wars universe?"

The idea of Disney erecting a so-called "Star Wars Land" has been floated numerous times in the past, though previous rumors — predating the Lucasfilm takeover — suggested Disneyland Paris as a potential destination. Disney now seems set on Disneyland California as the setting for a Star Wars expansion, if and when the project comes to fruition.