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Best New Apps: Ridiculous Fishing for iOS

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One fish, two fish, chainsaw the fish

ridic fishing
ridic fishing

What is so satisfying about upgrading gear and unlocking levels? Why does acquiring the chainsaw lure keep me up at night? Super Crate Box developer Vlambeer has mastered addictive gameplay, and its latest title is a testament to that. In Ridiculous Fishing, you are a fisherman searching for redemption, mindlessly casting your line deeper to catch eels, catfish, and footstaches — and then using a variety of high-caliber weaponry to shoot them out of the air above your boat.

The game is filled with odd humor, exotic locales to unlock, leaderboards to compare high scores with friends, and a Pokedex-sized catalog of fish to catch. Some fish are so rare they might only come out at night, or others only while you’re wearing certain hats. Once your $2.99 is up and spent, and you’ve devoted hours to catching every last fish, you might breathe a sigh of relief. Your time with Ridiculous Fishing has ended, but you’ll always remember the lessons you learned along the way…. like to never shock a bonefish with a toaster oven.

$2.99 for iOS