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T-Mobile LTE detected in eight cities ahead of network rollout

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T-Mobile store (STOCK)
T-Mobile store (STOCK)

T-Mobile is just days away from flipping the switch on its 4G LTE network, and we're now getting an idea of what cities the carrier is targeting for launch. OpenSignal, an Android app that uses crowdsourced data to locate areas of ideal wireless coverage, has detected T-Mobile's LTE signal running in eight US cities. The company has already said it plans to bring service to Kansas City and Las Vegas, but OpenSignal's list also includes New York, Seattle, Denver, San Diego, San Jose / Bay Area, and New Orleans.

Should it prove accurate come next week's event, the inclusion of New York would be rather ambitious. Other carriers have typically switched on LTE coverage in smaller markets before tackling major metropolitan hubs. Then again, both Verizon and AT&T have already established widespread 4G connectivity; right out of the gate, T-Mobile has plenty of catching up to do. We're expecting to hear much more about the LTE rollout during an event in New York next week — along with details about T-Mobile's new subsidy-free pricing structure.