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'Lemme Tweet That For You' generates fake tweets that look (almost) just like real ones

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via puu.sh

Despite our suspicion of Photoshopping and fakery, the screencapped tweet has become a way to preserve embarrassing or noteworthy moments in case they're deleted. But as "Lemme Tweet That For You" shows, it's easy to fake a tweet, so long as you're not trying to actually put it in the user's feed. The core of the site is a simple form with space for text and a Twitter handle. If you put in any valid handle, the site pulls over its profile image and skin, then renders your text with a randomly-generated retweet and favorite count.


The site was actually created a full year ago as a marketing campaign by OKFocus, which also built a counterpart for fake Facebook Likes. But it got relatively little attention until recently, when it was written up by Poynter. While the tweets are fairly convincing at first glance, they start showing their seams upon closer examination, partly because they haven't kept up with Twitter's design — a real tweet is shown directly above. There's also no 140-character limit, so you can put in just about any block of text your heart desires.