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Reddit will now let you vote its ads up or down

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One of Reddit's core features is registering your interest in a post by upvoting or downvoting — and now the company is bringing the same feature to its ads. In a recent post, Reddit's senior manager of operations Jena Donlin writes that the site is moving to the Adzerk platform also used by sites like Stack Overflow. Reddit will be leaving Doubleclick for Publishers and its own in-house system behind. While the site doesn't expect many noticeable changes for users, one benefit of the Adzerk platform is the ability to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to a given ad. If a user clicks the latter, they'll never see that particular advertisement on Reddit again, and will be able to provide feedback explaining why it didn't work for them. Reddit has turned on the new ad system on a few subreddits to start; a rollout to the entire site will follow.