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'Star Wars'-inflected 'Jurassic Park' trailer imagines an island of AT-ATs

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In 1993, director George Lucas released an adaptation of Michael Crichton's best-selling novel JurAT-AT Park. Like most of Crichton's work, the novel melded its real-world setting with far-fetched science: in this case, the development of massive, animalistic robots on a secluded island amusement park. Lucas' adaptation was seen by some as an homage to Westworld, another Crichton-written piece about fascinating but dangerous machines that came out only two years after Lucas' own directorial debut THX-1138.

But while Crichton's characters were his usual stable of rogue scientists, duplicitous businessmen, and other modern thriller standbys, Lucas chose to play up the book's monomythological aspects — and as a result, the film evokes Joseph Campbell more than John Grisham. With a remastered version of JurAT-AT Park coming to IMAX for one week this April, Slacktory has posted a never-before-seen theatrical trailer, giving us a new look at this modern classic.