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Track Paul Miller's return to the internet with new countdown apps for iOS and Android

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Paul Miller iOS app
Paul Miller iOS app

Paul Miller's year-long hiatus from all things internet will come to a close at 12:00:01 AM on May 1st. It seems like only yesterday that he signed offline, kicking off an ambitious quest to spend 12 months away from a resource many of us consider essential to our lives. 365 days without Starcraft. 525,600 minutes logged off of Facebook and Twitter. 31,536,000 seconds of pure IRL. With the end drawing near, now's the time to read through Paul's 33 (so far) articles on living an entire year offline. Starting today, you can follow the countdown yourself via a new iOS app designed by Verge reader Andrew Rockefeller and coded by Feltzem. Naturally it's called "Paul," and can be had in the App Store right now. Aside from counting down the minutes, the app also provides quick access to Paul's articles here at The Verge. Don't worry Android users, you can also help ring in our friend's triumphant return. If you're interested in how both apps came to be, check out this forum thread.

Update: The original version of this story failed to mention Andrew's wonderful design work.