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Drones form giant, glowing 'Star Trek' logo over London

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star trek drones (ars electronica)
star trek drones (ars electronica)

Over the weekend, the studio behind Star Trek Into Darkness took the film’s title literally, commissioning the flying of a giant, glowing Starfleet insignia in the London night sky. Comprised of 30 LED-illuminated quadrotors, the 308-foot-tall logo rotated in place 118 feet above ground (video below), before dimming its lights alongside those of Tower Bridge and Big Ben in recognition of the WWF’s Earth Hour conservation effort.

The light show was created by Ars Electronica Futurelab — the same company that created a similar display in Linz, Austria last year. Unfortunately, there’s still six weeks to go until the May 9th premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, but at least we can check out the latest trailer and gorge ourselves on free Star Trek episodes on Hulu this week.