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Watch Brad Pitt defend the earth from CGI zombies in 'World War Z' trailer

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world war z poster
world war z poster

Nearly six years since development began, the movie adaptation of World War Z is finally almost with us. The second trailer for World War Z hit the internet this weekend, but was subject to a takedown campaign by distributor Paramount. It's now been officially released through Apple Trailers, and it gives us a little more insight as to what the final movie will look like.

Unlike the best-selling novel it's based on, which told the story of a worldwide zombie outbreak through a string of unrelated first-person accounts, the movie is centered around a single character, UN employee Gerry Lane (played by Brad Pitt). The trailer is very action-focused, and relies heavily on CGI for set pieces, but it seems the movie will follow Pitt as he travels the world searching for a way to stop the spread of the virus. World War Z is scheduled for release in just under three months on June 21st.

Because Apple Trailers doesn't offer a flexible embed option, we've embedded the 720p version. If you want to watch the trailer at a lower or higher quality, head over to the official Apple Trailers page for a full range of options.