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Vinetune crowdsources Vines to create an ever-changing music video

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Vine for iPhone
Vine for iPhone

The music video is stuck in the last century, and no one has quite figured out how to bring it back to life. The constantly changing 'music video' for Masters in France may be able to reinvigorate it though: the video cycles through user-submitted Vines that are hashtagged to match up with the song's lyrics, and you'll see different clips every time that you play the song. The music video is run through Vinetune, a new service that intends to promote a different track each month with its own crowdsourced music video.

Vinetune only collects videos that are specifically tagged for use on its website, which means that it isn't collecting clips from unknowing Vine users. However limiting its reach means that the music video won't be as ever-changing as the service may hope. For now, you're going to be seeing a lot of repeat clips, but like with other Vine collecting websites, the effect is still a charming look into others' experiences — and Vinetune's live transformation of user-submitted clips is a novel approach to the aging music video.