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Spotify kicks off advertising blitz as rumors hint of possible video service

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Spotify ad
Spotify ad

To this point in the music streaming wars, Spotify's ascension can be largely attributed to word of mouth. But starting tonight, the company will begin its first ever advertising blitz to lure in new listeners. Spotify plans to run a TV ad during NBC's The Voice that highlights the most emotive and unifying aspects of music. Two other, equally sentimental ads have also been produced for the campaign, and you can view all of them below. Spotify's ad campaign won't be limited to your TV; the company is also planning a bombardment of web and social media advertising to support its cable strategy.

Tallying over six million paying customers, Spotify is well ahead of Rdio, MOG, and others in the streaming music sector— at least when it comes to premium subscribers. A major ad initiative could help cement Spotify's brand among consumers as the company reportedly prepares to take on a new challenge: video. Business Insider is today rehashing a very old rumor that Spotify plans to transform its service into a two-pronged video and music platform that would compete with Netflix and HBO in original programming. (Reached by phone, a Spotify spokesman declined to comment.) Regardless of whether or not those rumors pan out, Spotify clearly wants to be your go-to music source, and starting today it's getting out the checkbook to help in that effort.