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Google updates Google+ mobile apps, adds photo filters to iPhone

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google plus logo 1020 stock
google plus logo 1020 stock

Google is today refreshing its Google+ mobile apps across both iOS and Android. On the iPhone side, the company is finally leveraging its acquisition of Snapseed. Photo filters and minor enhancements (contrast, brightness, etc) have been brought over to iOS, though you'll still need to turn to the standalone app for more comprehensive editing . Android users can look forward to some visual improvements across the board — particularly in the activity stream. Common actions like +1, sharing and commenting are all given more prominence next to each post. Users on both platforms can now share their location with select circles; when enabled, your positon will be displayed on a map beneath your user photo. A number of enhancements related to Google+ communities have also been packed in to the update, which is set to be available today in the App Store and Google Play.