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Mystery BlackBerry partner behind million-device order said to be distributor Brightstar

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BlackBerry 10 stock
BlackBerry 10 stock

The mystery partner that placed the largest order in BlackBerry's history has been revealed. AllThingsD's sources have confirmed a report today from research firm Detwiler Fenton that the "established partner" that ordered one million BlackBerry 10 devices is Miami-based electronics distributor Brightstar. Unfortunately, sources wouldn't provide any more details on the nature of the deal.

Brightstar provides a wide range of services to wireless carriers, manufacturers, and retailers around the world, with a part of its business involved with controlling supply chains for authorized third-party retailers like those from big box stores. Verizon Wireless is one operator that uses Brightstar's services, allowing the carrier's dealers to purchase devices from Brightstar and take advantage of their services that manage inventory at stores around the country. According to Detwiler Fenton managing director Mark Gerber, the deal "suggests Verizon doesn’t believe [BlackBerry 10] will be a strong seller since it normally tries to allocate hot product on its own." However, that's merely a theory at this point, and we won't know more unless some additional details about the deal are released. The fact remains that despite the "tremendous vote of confidence" in BlackBerry that Brightstar's order signifies, the company will have to convince consumers to purchase the Z10 or Q10 over the competition for it to do well with its new operating system.