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Google to ship $1,449 Chromebook Pixel with LTE by April 8th

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Chromebook Pixel angle (875px)
Chromebook Pixel angle (875px)

Google's ultra-premium Chromebook Pixel (complete with that stunning screen) has been available for several weeks now, but we've yet to see a definite shipping timeframe on the LTE-enabled hardware. Thankfully that's now changed, with Google Play revealing that the 4G Chromebook Pixel will ship no later than April 8th for anyone ordering today. Aside from a built-in LTE modem, that $150 premium over the regular model gets owners 100MB of mobile data through Verizon every month for two years. Of course, it could prove very easy to hit that ceiling on a machine that relies on the internet for just about everything. But if you've already examined the pluses and minuses of Google's operating system and are still determined to own that spectacular piece of hardware, the luxury of mobile data could be worth the investment. You've only got one chance to make the right decision, after all.