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Google hires frequent Chrome leaker François Beaufort

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Chrome Logo
Chrome Logo

Leaks relating to Google's Chrome browser and Chrome OS desktop projects could soon be coming to an end, after the company snapped up frequent leaker François Beaufort to become its new open-source Chromium evangelist. Sharing the news on Google+, Beaufort says that he will still provide news on upcoming features — albeit in a more official capacity — as well as frequent updates on the "Chrome team and its culture."

Early feature leaks may soon become a rarity

Before his appointment at Google, Beaufort became well known for his early insight into what the company might be adding to future versions of its software. In the last six months, the self-titled "happiness evangelist" was the first to identify that Google is looking to bring Google Now to the desktop, providing the codename for the Chromebook Pixel, and brought us news of a new Notification Center which may soon come to Chrome OS.

For Google, it's a win/win situation; not only does it bring on board one of its most vocal Chrome supporters, it also stems the flow of information disclosed by Google engineers in nightly Chrome code reviews. Google's Chromium projects will always be open to the public, but with Beaufort now working for the company, early feature leaks may soon become a rarity.