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Six-second teaser trailer for 'The Wolverine' released on Vine

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The Wolverine movie poster
The Wolverine movie poster

Is six seconds enough time for a movie trailer? Perhaps not, but it is enough for a teaser of a trailer. The official Twitter account for the upcoming X-Men film The Wolverine tweeted a Vine mashup of its upcoming movie trailer today to stir up some hype for the film, making it the first Vine movie trailer we've seen. The looping clip works surprisingly well, though the action-heavy film is particularly well-suited for the format. It's worth noting that the film's promoters cheated a bit — the trailer was clearly not edited using Vine. While The Wolverine may take the title for first Vine movie trailer, video games like Ridiculous Fishing have already (authentically) taken advantage of the format for promotional purposes.

Update: Twitter appears to be having issues displaying the clip — if you can't see it above you can watch it directly on Vine.