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T-Mobile will reportedly detail iPhone plans at its 'Uncarrier' event tomorrow

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Apple iPhone with T-Mobile logo
Apple iPhone with T-Mobile logo

It looks like the iPhone is finally making its way to T-Mobile. CNET reports that Apple’s flagship device will "play a prominent role" at tomorrow’s "Uncarrier" event, citing an unnamed source familiar with the plans. T-Mobile has been saying that the sought-after phone is on its way to stores this spring since January, and the news of tomorrow’s big announcement is being corroborated by All Things D. It's not known when the device will actually be available for purchase, only that it will be announced at the event.

Subscribers will likely be expected to pay full retail

In addition to its lack of two-year contracts, T-Mobile's "Uncarrier" pricing will be devoid of another carrier mainstay: handset subsidies. Subscribers will likely be expected to pay full retail price for their devices — $649 in the case of a 16GB iPhone 5 — but T-Mobile thinks its comparatively inexpensive service plans will offer a better value than its major competitors. And compared to smaller prepaid carriers, T-Mobile has its own nationwide network, with LTE service going live later this month.

Even without the iPhone in its stores, T-Mobile has been trying for some time to hitch its brand to the popular handset, with ad campaigns urging iPhone owners to use their devices on its network. According to an analyst presentation in December, the company has a "fun" ad campaign planned around the handset’s release, coalescing under the idea that "you love your iPhone, but you hate AT&T."