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HTC 'Tiara' and Samsung Ativ S Windows Phones arriving at Sprint this summer

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Sprint Windows Phone stock
Sprint Windows Phone stock

Sprint is bringing two Windows Phone 8 devices to its network this summer, from HTC and Samsung. After committing to Windows Phone earlier this year, The Verge understands that Sprint will carry the Samsung Ativ S and an unannounced HTC "Tiara" handset. The Tiara was first unveiled by @evleaks over at Unwired View, with mid-range specifications and a 4.3-inch WVGA Super LCD2 display.

Samsung's Ativ S handset has not yet been made available in the US, so Sprint will be the first carrier to offer this particular handset. We're told that it will be altered slightly on the exterior compared to the worldwide version, but that the internal components will remain largely the same. Sprint's launch of two Windows Phone 8 devices completes the range of major US carriers for Microsoft. Sprint previously released its HTC Arrive Windows Phone device back in early 2011, but the company has shied away from Microsoft's mobile OS ever since. Both handsets are expected to hit retail shelves in May or June.