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T-Mobile's first LTE hotspot launching at the end of March alongside the carrier's new network

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T-Mobile Germany (STOCK)
T-Mobile Germany (STOCK)

T-Mobile's holding an event today to formally announce its new LTE network and "Uncarrier" pricing plans, and now the company has also its first LTE-capable hotspot. T-Mobile's press release says that its new Sonic 2.0 hotspot will be available by the end of the month — just more evidence that the launch of T-Mobile's LTE network is imminent. The hotspot itself will run on LTE as well as T-Mobile's 4G, 3G, and EDGE networks and its 3,000 mAh battery should run for about seven hours. It's not technically the first LTE-capable device T-Mobile has launched, as both the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II are currently enabled to run on T-Mobile's new network, but it's the first new device to be released for T-Mobile LTE. While a new hotspot isn't exactly going to help T-Mobile dig its way out of fourth place in the US carrier market, we expect we'll be hearing more about devices that might help its causes — like the iPhone — very, very soon.