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One World Futbol builds rugged balls for any sport, to distribute millions around the world

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Over 20 million deflated sports balls are disposed of in Africa each year, but One World Futbol hopes to change that by distributing its line of rugged balls that never need to be inflated to children in need. The company already has a deal with Chevrolet to donate 1.5 million balls for soccer — the world's most popular sport — and the company has now revealed that it can develop a rugged, pump-free model of any ball that normally requires inflation, reports Fast Company. The company is next setting its sights on building a ball for cricket, the world's second most popular sport.

To build its titular ball, One World Futbol uses PopFoam, a rubber-like material similar to what's used to make Crocs shoes. The soccer ball has the same size, weight, and bounce of a normal ball, but the upcoming cricket model will be lighter than the game's standard, Fast Company reports. One World Futbol works directly with individuals to sell the $39.50 balls using the buy-one-donate-one model popularized by footwear company Toms. Over 200,000 balls have been distributed since completing work on it two and a half years ago, but given Chevrolet's commitment, there's a lot more to come.