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HTC One 'coming soon' to T-Mobile for just $99

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HTC One hero 2 (1024px)
HTC One hero 2 (1024px)

"We're unleashing everything," T-Mobile CEO John Legere said during a candid, wild event in New York City. That includes not only new plans and the iPhone 5, but also one of our favorite Android phones in recent memory: the HTC One. It will be available on T-Mobile's new LTE network and available with its new rate plans, for just $99 up front. Along with the iPhone, the Galaxy S4, and the BlackBerry Z10, it brings T-Mobile an impressively competitive portfolio of LTE devices, even as it continues to roll out its LTE network.

Unfortunately, while we're glad to see the One confirmed and announced, it looks like HTC's supplier woes continue — there's no word on when the device will actually be available.