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Climber is a Vine-inspired video sharing app built for

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Climber iOS app
Climber iOS app

It's impossible to look at Climber, a "very simple video-sharing tool" created for users, and not instantly think of Vine. It's essentially a clone of Twitter's popular iOS app with near-identical functionality — even if Climber's developers don't readily acknowledge that fact. Much like Vine, you hold your finger down to record snippers of video (the limit here is 11 seconds instead of six) and then share those pieced-together clips with friends.

Videos are displayed on Climber's website when shared, but they aren't kept there. Instead, to avoid any content ownership concerns, clips are pulled from your personal storage. Your videos are your own. "If a user chooses to delete their post, or even just delete the video file in their file storage, then it can no longer be viewed on our website," writes developer Rob Brambley. Brambley says work on Climber began during an hackathon March 2nd, meaning the app completed its trip to the App Store in under one month. If the idea were more original, that factoid might be a bit more impressive.