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Microsoft acknowledges Blue, announces BUILD 2013 for late June

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Microsoft Build 2012
Microsoft Build 2012

Microsoft just announced that its developer-focused BUILD conference will be returning this year from June 26th through the 28th at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Announcing the event on Microsoft's blog, VP Steve Guggenheimer says, "it’s been a while since our last developer event in the Bay Area, and we’re looking forward to a fantastic gathering." Microsoft is promising to discuss what's next for Windows at the conference, which will open to registration starting April 2nd.

Speaking of the future of Windows, Microsoft has also for the first time acknowledged forthcoming updates — codenamed Blue — that will "advance" the company's devices and services. "Chances of products being named thusly are slim to none," writes Frank Shaw, dismissing any possibility that Blue will be a consumer-facing term. We've already taken an early look at the company's planned upgrade to Windows 8, and you can expect Microsoft to have more to share by the time BUILD rolls around.