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Twitterrific for iOS finally adds push notifications, but you'll probably have to wait

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twitterrific 5 iphone
twitterrific 5 iphone

Twitter is actively discouraging people from making new Twitter clients, but Twitterrific is pushing ahead. The speedy, cleverly-designed iOS app was just updated with push notifications, email and Storify integration, and other improvements that may placate some of its critics. If only it had done so sooner; users complained about the lack of push notifications when the app was last updated in December. Twitterrific has spoken to the team at Twitter, and the developers feel they're in the clear and can continue updating the app. It's just odd that they're doing it so sporadically — the feature will roll out to just 1,000 users at a time, meaning you might have to wait a while before you can use it.