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'Minecraft' developer's new game 'Scrolls' out in beta next month

'Minecraft' developer's new game 'Scrolls' out in beta next month

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Minecraft developer Mojang is about to release its second computer game, Scrolls, a digital trading card game. As with Minecraft, Mojang will release Scrolls in beta, giving eager players an early look at the game. Polygon reports that the game will be available for purchase at a discounted rate for those interested in playing the title before it's completed. The game's early launch follows the massive success that Mojang achieved with Minecraft, which sold more than 4 million copies before the game was officially released. Scrolls will sell at a similar price to what Minecraft sold for during the phases of its release, beginning at about $13 and increasing to $26.95 today.

'Scrolls' follows Mojang's massive hit with 'Minecraft'

Initially Scrolls will be available for PC only, but a Mac, iOS, and Android version will follow. The new title takes up the digital form of a strategy card game like Magic: The Gathering, showing warriors battling out the results of the actions and powers listed on each card. Players will be able to trade cards, build decks, and play in tournaments, mimicking the mechanics of physical collectible card games. Though the game seems rife with opportunities for in-app purchases, Polygon reports that the company isn't interested in supporting Scrolls in that way beyond possible superfluous features.

Scrolls is Mojang's second official release, but the company has also published Cobalt — an action platformer developed by another company — using its method of releasing titles before completion. A developer from the company tells Polygon that Mojang doesn't expect the same level of success that it achieved with Minecraft, but that the company is aware of its fans' high expectations.