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Tumblr now home to over 100 million blogs and 44.6 billion individual posts

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tumblr ios iphone
tumblr ios iphone

Over 100 million user blogs have been created at Tumblr, according to the most recent statistics displayed on the company's website. The Next Web was first to notice that Tumblr had crossed the hundred million milestone only a year after reaching 50 million. Over 44.6 billion posts have been published to the microblogging platform, doubling the 20 billion marker Tumblr hit just last March. That impressive growth is being led by Tumblr's users, who crank out 82.7 million posts each day according to Tumblr's latest tally (unfortunately it doesn't offer a separate count for GIFs). Clearly the company has managed to carve out a nice audience for itself even as Facebook and Twitter continue their own upward growth. The question of whether or not Tumblr can monetize that momentum still lingers, however.