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Nintendo video shows speed improvements of April Wii U software update

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nintendo wii u speed comparison video
nintendo wii u speed comparison video

Since we first got a look at the Wii U, one of our biggest complaints has been its unbelievably laggy user interface. Thankfully, a partial fix is on the way next month, and now we’re getting a look at what kind of a difference it’s going to make. In a video (below) posted to Nintendo’s YouTube account you can see how much faster it will be to return to the main Wii U menu from a game in progress post-update compared to a Wii U running the current software. Granted, it’s a huge improvement over the glacial pace of the existing software, but it’s still not as zippy as we would hope from a next-generation console. Thankfully, a second update is planned that ought to speed things up further, but it won't be coming until summer.