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'Bioshock Infinite' creative director Ken Levine talks about how to build a world

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bioshock infinite
bioshock infinite

"For everything it has to say, for all the questions it asks — many of which have no easy answers — BioShock Infinite's big thoughts and complicated narrative don't obscure the brilliant action game that carries those messages through." Polygon's 10/10 review of Bioshock Infinite detailed how the game walks the delicate line between storytelling and action, and creative director Ken Levine has expanded on these themes and more in an interview with Gears of War: Judgement writer Tom Bissell.

"When I was working on Thief with Doug Church, way, way back in the day, we always said that vibe was more important than story. I think that's the same thing as what you're saying. Put the player in an interesting world and make him feel like there's interesting things around the corner. That's way more important than specific details about what's going on."

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