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Amazon expands Kindle Fire X-Ray service to TV shows

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD X-Ray for movies
Amazon Kindle Fire HD X-Ray for movies

Alongside its introduction of the Kindle Fire HD late last summer, Amazon also introduced X-Ray for movies, a software feature that taps into IMDB to pull in background information on whatever film you happened to be watching. The company positioned it as a quick way to find out exactly who was in a movie and other films they had been in — it also offered a quick way to add those movies to your queue. Now, Amazon has expanded the service to work with TV shows as well as movies — it's still powered by IMDB and should work in the same way as the existing X-Ray for movies feature. Amazon says that right now, X-Ray will work with the "most popular TV shows" the company offers, with a fast expansion planned to cover more and more content.

It's a logical outgrowth of X-Ray, which already works for books and textbooks as well as movies and TV shows. The service is available on the latest Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD hardware, as well as in the Amazon Instant Video app for Wii U. There's no word if the Amazon Instant Video app on platforms like iOS or Android will ever get to use X-Ray, but it might come later down the line — X-Ray for books is already part of the Kindle reader app for iOS, so it wouldn't be unprecedented for Amazon to offer X-Ray for TV and movies on other platforms.