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Gmail for iOS update lets you swipe between messages

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Gmail 2.0 for iOS
Gmail 2.0 for iOS

Gmail 2.0 for iOS was a major update bringing a host of much-needed features, but a few basic and fundamental things were left out. Chief among them was the option to move from one email to the next without first returning to your inbox. Fortunately, Google has remedied that problem with Gmail 2.1 for iOS — swiping to the left and right lets you move backwards and forwards through your emails, just like in Gmail for Android. It's not exactly a landmark new feature, but it fixes one of the biggest complaints we had with Gmail for iOS. Google also tweaked navigation slightly — now, when you select multiple messages, the icons for archive and delete are in the top menu bar rather than along the bottom. The menu that opens with more features like label, move, and delete is likewise anchored to the top of the screen. We may still be waiting for a unified inbox, but getting around Gmail just got a good bit easier.