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Google Glass will reportedly be manufactured in the US

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Google Glass (STOCK)
Google Glass (STOCK)

Google Glass headsets will be manufactured in the US, according to a report from The Financial Times. Specifically, Google wil be manufacturing the headsets at a Foxconn plant in Santa Clara, California, making it the second product that we know Google has manufactured on US soil. The first of which was the ill-fated Nexus Q media streamer, which Google eventually shelved before a wide release to the public. As the initial product run will be a complicated and high-cost production, Google appears to think it makes more sense to do it closer to home so they can monitor the process.

This production run will also be much more limited in number compared to the size of production for other Google products like the LG-made Nexus 4 or Asus Nexus 7 — only a few thousand Glass devices are expected to be manufactured in the coming weeks, though that might change once Google announces its full launch plans. It's not clear yet if the bigger, full-fledged manufacturing run will take place in the US as well, or if operations will shift back overseas.

This news comes just as Google started to release the names of those who won the option to purchase a Glass Explorer Edition in its #ifihadglass contest. Those lucky winners, as well as those who registered to purchase Google Glass at last year's Google I/O conference, will soon have the new headset in their hands — we shouldn't have to wait too long to find out if this is true. We've reached out to Google for any information they can share with us.