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Internal NSA magazine 'Cryptolog' gets limited declassification

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Cryptolog, the internal technical journal produced by and for NSA employees, will finally be seen outside of the agency's walls, as the NSA declassified back issues from 1974 to 1997 today. Cryptolog: The Journal of Technical Health, as it's officially known, covered everything from operations procedures to profiles on longtime employees of the NSA. Unfortunately for those wishing to learn all of the NSA's secrets, All Things D reports that large portions of the declassified issues are still censored, despite being years old.

For now, you can browse the archive and read gems such as book reviews, operational procedures, and analysis of the security of various types of technology. The NSA has not said when the next batch of Cryptolog archives will be released, but the 136 volumes released today should keep anyone interested busy for some time.