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Walmart considers asking customers to deliver its packages

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In order to lower the cost of getting packages to its online shoppers, Walmart is considering turning to other customers to take care of the deliveries, reports Reuters. In an interview,’s chief executive Joel Anderson reportedly said that he sees "a path to where this is crowd sourced," suggesting that the company could give shoppers a discount on their shopping bills, covering the cost of their gas. "This is at the brain-storming stage, but it’s possible in a year or two," said VP Jeff McAllister.

Walmart is already shipping online orders directly from 25 of its retail stores (using professional drivers) but it reportedly plans to grow the program to 50 this year as it continues to take on online retailers like Amazon. The company also recently announced plans to test Amazon-style delivery lockers for online purchases this summer. Services like TaskRabbit that allow people to outsource small jobs are growing in popularity, but there’s still something unsavory about a large multinational corporation using the same tactics to improve its bottom line.