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Surface Pro to launch in China on April 2nd, first market outside US and Canada

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Surface Pro Stock
Surface Pro Stock

Microsoft is gearing up to extend its Surface Pro availability in the coming weeks. The first market outside of its initial US and Canadian launch will be China, where the tablet goes on sale on April 2nd. The software maker announced the plans in a blog post on Chinese social networking site Weibo, but has not yet revealed exact pricing.

The move follows a recent partnership with popular Chinese seller Tmall to launch an additional online store in the region. Microsoft's Tmall store sells over 50 products, including Surface, Office, and Windows Phones. Microsoft has previously said it's taking a "phased approach" to Surface Pro availability, with additional markets over the coming months. We've reached out to Microsoft to confirm any additional markets as part of its Surface Pro availability plans, and we'll let you know accordingly.