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Spotify gets serious with a new, streamlined logo

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spotify new proper size
spotify new proper size

Spotify has debuted a redesigned logo with less bounce and more gravity, as the company moves to reach a wider audience and expand its services. The subscription streaming service's old logo used playful, bubbly font, but the new design seems to show a company that's taking itself a bit more seriously. The new version is neater, uses clean lettering, and includes a discrete icon. Though the new logo is less lively, it may not mean that Spotify is settling down: the company has been attempting to expand internationally, and a simple, consistent branding could help those efforts.


The logo popped up in the company's new TV ads earlier this week, and we're now seeing it used across Spotify's website as well. None of the company's apps have been updated yet, but Spotify tells us that the new logo will eventually be replacing the old one across all of its products. A company spokesperson said that the redesign's goal was to present the logo and name in a cleaner manner.