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Double Fine teases the storybook world of its Kickstarter game 'Broken Age'

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broken age trailer screenshot
broken age trailer screenshot

When Double Fine — the studio behind the cult hit Psychonauts — went to Kickstarter in February of last year asking for $400,000 to make a point-and-click adventure game, backers responded with overwhelming approval and a total pledge of over $3 million. At the time, the company gave no details on what the game would be like, but now over a year later, we're finally getting a look at it. Broken Age is the company's new title, and it follows the parallel lives of a girl in a quaint village about to be sacrificed, and a boy in a spaceship bored with his life. Gameplay details are still thin ("Adventure ensues," Broken Age's website notes), but a trailer shows off the gorgeous storybook world that the game takes place in.

The game was originally set to be completed around October, 2012, but even before Double Fine's Kickstarter had completed, the company announced that it would be taking additional time to build a better game using the additional funds that had been pledged. Broken Age is set to be available for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, however a new release date still hasn't been set.