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Vine videos can now be embedded on the web

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vine stock

Vine just announced that as of today, videos recorded with the iPhone app can be embedded publicly on the web. When sharing a video, two visual styles can be used; "Simple" is a borderless presentation that displays your six-second (or less) clip sans any distractions. There's also a framed "Postcard" style that's basically identical to the way Vine clips appear on Twitter. Embeds can be created from a video's URL (example) and a just-released app update for iPhone also enables the functionality inside the "Share this post" menu. The latest version of Vine also includes another long-awaited feature: you can finally share videos from other users to your preferred social network.

Not every uploaded clip can be embedded, however. If a post hasn't been shared outside of Vine (i.e. to Facebook and / or Twitter), you won't see the embed option. Vine doesn't specify why this restriction is in place, but we suspect it's meant as a privacy safeguard. We also noticed that embeds aren't optimized for Tumblr, so you still can't seamlessly integrate videos on your blog just yet.