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Tumblr's extended Friday night outage caused by 'networking issues' (updated)

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Tumblr Down Message
Tumblr Down Message

Tumblr has been experiencing broad outages across much of its blog network for the past two and a half hours (as of this writing). The issue is apparently due to "networking issues" that the company is "working quickly" to fix. The reasoning for the outage as well as its breadth both mirror the outage it experienced back in October, but looks bad for a company that has just surpassed 100 million blogs and 44.6 billion (with a B) individual posts.

There's no word yet how long this outage is expected to last. We recommend you spend the interval crafting the perfect GIF for its eventual return to active operation.

Update: Tumblr appears to be back online, marking a total downtime of around three hours. As is the company's (strange) habit, it has deleted the tweet about the downtime and replaced it with a new one announcing the resolution. We'll update again should a more detailed postmortem on what happened arise.