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Special cut of 'Iron Man 3' for Chinese market to have extra footage

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Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3

When moviegoers in US and China head to theaters on May 3rd to see the premiere of Marvel's Iron Man 3, they won’t be sitting down to watch the same movie. Marvel Studios announced that it collaborated with Chinese media and entertainment company DMG on the Chinese elements in the film, on top of distribution and marketing, reported Deadline Hollywood. So while both the US and Chinese cuts of the movie will feature footage that Marvel shot in Beijing in December, only the latter will get a special appearance from actress Fan Bingbing.

The second-largest international market for Hollywood movies

Wired points out that Iron Man 3 isn’t the only big-budget film to get tweaks for the Chinese market — in last year’s Looper, scenes set in Paris were replaced with footage from Shanghai, for instance. In the most significant case, the nationalities of the invading soldiers in last year’s remake of Red Dawn were all digitally changed from Chinese to North Korean. The change was made in post production over concerns of alienating the Chinese audience, which, at $2.75 billion, is now the second-largest international market for Hollywood movies, behind Japan.