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Instagram artist pairs your favorite foods in charming new photo series

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Many of us use Instagram to document our latest meals, but illustrator and art director David Schwen has taken things a step further with his #pantonepairings series of photos. The images are a playful take on paint chips, only instead of paint they feature combinations of food, like peas and carrots or cookies and milk. "I had taped two Pantone chips together to see how they looked next to one another," says Schwen. "Instantly I thought of how people pair food together, and that was that. Pantone pairings." You can check out a few examples below, while the rest are available at Schwen's Instagram feed — and don't worry, prints are coming soon.

Update: Now that we've whetted your appetite for Pantone, check out these swatches from French food designer Emilie de Griottes, part of a series for culinary magazine Fricote.