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'Neurocomic' is a graphic novel that will teach you how brains work

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If you're interested in learning more about how our brains work, you might just want to pick up a comic book — or, at least, one very specific comic. Artist Matteo Farinella is teaming up with neuroscientist Dr. Hana Ros to create a graphic novel called Neurocomic, which is aimed at teaching readers about how our minds really work. It'll also feature giant squids and talking sea slugs, as well as famous neuroscientists. The adventure takes place inside of a human brain, where the two creators will tackle a range of neurological questions, including "how cells use electricity to communicate, how drugs work, and what happens during brain disorders." The book is slated to launch in the UK sometime this year, alongside a documentary following Ros and Farinella's collaboration. You can get an early glimpse at the film below.