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Microsoft says 'next release' of Windows Phone is on target for the holidays

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HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC Windows Phone 8X

Microsoft is gradually pushing out Windows Phone 8 updates, but the company says the "next release" won't be available until the holidays. In a Windows Phone job posting, Microsoft reveals that it's completing its current release, with the "next release targeting the holiday of this year." Microsoft has remained quiet about its plans for any future Windows Phone releases, opting this year not to hold its usual press conference at Mobile World Congress.

Another recent job posting revealed that the company is working on Windows Phone Blue, a release that will likely become Windows Phone 8.5. Codename Blue is an internal effort at Microsoft across a number of products and services to push for further integration. Windows Phone 8 is expected to be updated regularly over the coming months leading up to the Blue release. Microsoft recently released "Portico," the first significant WP8 update, and the software maker is planning other improvements under a broad effort known as "Apollo Plus."