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Watch this Chinese artist disappear before your eyes

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Liu Bolin
Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin is best known for his "Hiding" series of images, in which he paints himself and others in a sort of urban camouflage, so that they disappear against the background. At TED 2013, Bolin demonstrated the technique on stage, and shared a bit of insight into how he manages to create such convincing work. "For the talk, I stood up on stage with my outfit pre-painted," he explains, "and then one of my assistants worked with the camera and stood back to instruct the other painter on what to do, where to paint, what colors to use, until from the camera I appear invisible." For more complex paintings, such as the one above, the process can take three to four days. You can see a timelapse of the TED painting below, as well as more examples of Bolin's work right here.