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Tim Cook's yearbook photos show Apple CEO as 'studious' high school freshman

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tim cook yearbook photo
tim cook yearbook photo

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of the most powerful figures in Silicon Valley. In high school, he was just another freshman with a reputation for hard work. This week, Reddit user whitbaker published a series of photos from Cook's high school yearbook, providing a rare glimpse at the exec's life as a teenager in Alabama.

The images don't reveal many details about Cook's hobbies or interests, though the floppy-haired teen appears to have been involved in several extra-curricular activities. In one photo, he's holding a trophy he won for the "optimist oratorical contest," in another, he's standing tall among his fellow yearbook staffers. He was also named "Most Studious" in both sophomore and freshman year, as evidenced by a particularly adorable photo of Cook casually leaning against the hood of an old convertible.

Portrait of the exec as a young man

The Redditor unearthed the photos while digging through her mom's old yearbooks. She and Cook attended the same high school in Robertsdale, Alabama, and Cook even spent some time working at a pharmacy owned by whitbaker's grandfather (whitbaker inherited the business after her mother's death in 2011). The Redditor's mom was two years older than Cook, but she "spoke of him highly," and took a lot of pride in his later success at Apple. Apparently, the admiration was mutual.

"Your [sic] a great Auburn fan and a great friend," Cook wrote in neat cursive script. "And the best thing that could happen to Annual Staff."