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The 'Prince of Spam' linked to the biggest DDoS attack in history

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sven olaf kamphuis
sven olaf kamphuis

The exact identity of the attackers behind last week's record-breaking DDoS attack on European anti-spam organization Spamhaus remains unclear, but one name that keeps cropping up is that of Dutchman Sven Olaf Kamphuis. In an interview with Heavy, Kamphuis calls himself a spokesperson for Stophaus, the group of hackers that carried out the attack, and says he wants to "destroy" Spamhaus — however, he denies any direct involvement himself.

With Dutch authorities investigating Kamphuis, the New York Times has published a profile of the controversial figure variously dubbed an anti-Semite and the "Prince of Spam" — a self-proclaimed internet freedom fighter that rails against what he calls Spamhaus' censorship of the internet based on "Jew lies." In a typically abrasive Facebook comment explaining Stophaus' actions, Kamphuis writes "the Internet is puking out a cancer, please stand by while it is being removed."