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Achievement unlocked: what UI designers could learn from videogames

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ui achievements
ui achievements

Using a new TV, smartphone, or computer for the first time can be a disorienting experience for a lot of people — the modern gadget has so many functions, buttons, and options to memorize and master, novice users don't know where to begin. In an article for Fast Company, designer Philip Battin draws inspiration from videogames to pitch a novel system with an achievement / XP paradigm to help people get to grips with their electronics. Giving the example of a Samsung Smart TV, Battin proposes only giving people access to a select few functions at a time. Starting with basic volume-changing and channel-switching targets, users would gradually be introduced to the program guide, wi-fi settings, app installation, and DVR functions. Battin's system makes so much sense, it's surprising that no manufacturers have used the concept in their products already — here's hoping they do in the future.